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What exactly is the Bully Breed?

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The most familiar bully breeds are the American Pit Bull Terrier,  American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, Boston Terrier, Bulldog, and of course the American Bully. It may come as a shock, that some of the world's most loved dogs are considered bullies.  For the most part, the majority of bully breeds are harmless, and loving creatures. They have this pre-determined judgement placed upon them, that they are automatically aggressive and dangerous. However, if raised and care for properly, bully breed dogs can be one of the most loyal pets to own.

How the term "Bully" Came About

The term "Bully" can be an intimidating, and frightful word. So it understandable that some people would assume that dogs considered to be bullies, would be aggressive and dangerous. However, the term "Bully" has nothing to do with the temperament, or behavior of these dogs. The term is derived from the origin and history of the bully breed.  Bully Breeds all come from the same root stock "Molosser", a breed that began in Ancient Greece. Molosser's were huge dogs with great bone and muscle tone, long ears, and short muzzles. The bully breeds that we know and love today were created by breeding Molossers with Olde English Bulldogs and Mastiff breeds. The bully breed was created to protect livestock and property. However, some owners began to use the breed for other distasteful purposes, such as bull baiting. This is where people first started to coin the term "Bully Breed".

Bully Breeds in the United States

Eventually Bull Baiting and other blood sports were banned and many immigrants began to move to the United States, bringing bully breeds with them. Once in the U.S. bully breeds were used in many professional roles. For instance, there was a pit bull name "Stubby" who served in World War I. Stubby saved many lives, working with a unit in Germany, and became a well-know war hero. Acts like this showed the bully breeds heroic character and loyalty, which made them one of the most loved  household pets in the U.S.

Bully Breeds get a Bad Reputation

In the early 1980's the bully breed began to get a bad reputation, due to gangs use of the breed for protection and as a status symbol. Another cause for the bully breed getting a bad reputation was the misidentification of the breed in involved in attacks. One of the most omitted facts is that any breed will attack if abused or purposely trained to be aggressive.

The fact is Bully Breeds are like any other dog. They are loyal and loving creatures, and can possess the same calm and beautiful temperament as any other breed, when raised the right way. Just like any other breed, they should be under supervision when around strangers, or very small children. The way Bully Girl Magazine see's it, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

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