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The Allentown Peace Love Bully Fest 6

The Allentown Peace Love Bully Fest 6 went down on January 7th, 2017 in a major way. If you missed it, you missed a great show with a huge turnout. Bully Girl Magazine was in the building taking photos and video footage of the event. We met a lot of cool new people, and got to link up with some old friends. Hosted by Bully Supplies, and Hidden City Kennels, the Peace Love Bully Fest 6 was a big success. They even added a STACK UP OR SHUT UP stage to the event, which allowed all the bully community to go up against each other head to head to see who had the baddest dog in the building. Luckily for you Bully Girl has some exclusive footage for you to check out. Photos from the event will be inside issue 67 of Bully Girl Magazine. So make sure you subscribe today, or visit BGM Warehouse to order your copy!

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