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AMAZING story about this breed (the video is a must see)!

Video: Pitbull Hero (Courtesy of Fox5)

Humane Society Honors Pitbull for Heroism

Lawrenceville – The Humane Society of the United States is Honoring a 6 year old Pit Bull named Titan as a full-fledged hero.

Titan is being recognized for saving the life of his owner Gloria Benton. Gloria had just undergone back surgery and was home recovering. On July 24, 2012, as her husband, John Benton, was leaving for work, he sent Titan back upstairs to stay with his wife. Titan went upstairs and became agitated running back and forth from the bedroom to the front door.

John went upstairs to check on his wife, Gloria had suffered an aneurysm, fell and severely fractured her skull. Doctors told John she likely would have died if not found quickly.

According to the Humane Society Titan is the second runner up for the Fifth Annual Dogs of Valor Award.


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