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Bully Breeds & Dog Dehydration

Bully Breed Dog Dehydration

The summer is finally here, and everyone with bully breeds needs to worry about dog dehydration. So what is exactly is dog dehydration? Dehydration is the lack of water in your pets body, which can cause some serious complications, and even death. All living creatures depend on water, and proper fluid intake is necessary to maintain your dogs health. Water helps with digestion, circulation, as well as waste removal. So a lack of water in your pet's body will make it more difficult for these processes to take place naturally.

The Main Causes of Dog Dehydration

Dog Dehydration happens once your pet's fluid levels decrease to a less than normal amount. This can be from less fluids consumed, or an increase in fluids leaving the body. Most increases in fluid loss, are due to extremely hot temperatures and overheating, but fluid loss can also come from vomiting or diarrhea.

How Will I Know If My Dog Is Dehydrated?

- Watch for loss of appetite
- Check to see if you pet's mouth is extremely dry
- Depression is also a major symptom

What Should I Do If My Bully Breed Dog is Showing Signs of Dehydration?
If you believe that your bully breed dog is showing signs of dehydration, rush him or her to your veterinarian immediately. Dehydration is nothing to play around with, and your vet should be able to treat and diagnose the underlying cause of your pet's dehydration issue.

How to Prevent your Bully Breed Dog from Dehydrating?
- Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh, cool water to drink from many times throughout the day.
- If the temperatures outside are extremely hot, keep your pet indoors as much as possible.
- Carry extra water, and/or pedialyte when walking or exercising with your dog.
- On hot days monitor your dog frequently, and watch for any symptoms of dehydration.

To many bully breed dogs are lost each year to dog dehydration. Hopefully this article will help you to prevent this from happening to your dog. Be a responsible breeder, and/or dog owner, and put your dog's health first, when making decisions this summer.

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