Bully Girls

Bully Girl Ashley Petraglia

Bully Girl Ashley Petraglia

Where are you from, and what is your nationality?
Born and raised in New York City. My nationality is a mixture of Italian and German.

How long have you been modeling, and what inspired you to start?
I started modeling in or around 2012/2013. After getting a lot of tattoos, attending tattoo conventions with my husband and his shop, I saw so many gorgeous tattoo models both in person and in magazines. Specifically Heather Moss who is one of the best (if not the top) tattoo models in the industry. After realizing how popular tattoo modeling was and all of the opportunities that presented themselves at the time, I went for it. I entered a contest called “Ms. Vixen pinup” at the United Ink Tattoo Show back in 2013 where I won 1st place where I landed a feature in Skin & Ink magazine. Since then I have been lucky enough to shoot with some of the best photographers like Mark Velazquez and Keith Selle.

How was your photo shoot with Bully Girl Magazine?
It was awesome. LeVar, the photographer was extremely professional and the clothing line is so cute. Had the pleasure of meeting his sister who hooked me up with some jewelry for the shoot as well as his wife. Overall, a very fun shoot.

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?
Shooting and loving with Levar’s pitty El Jefe. He was so little, yet so strong and super friendly. Not to mention, very photogenic.

What did you think of the Bully Girl Apparel?
Awesome. They had a variety of clothing in different colors representing BGM, the logo was sick and the clothing was very comfortable too.

Bully Girl Ashley PetragliaWere you nervous at all working with Bully Breed dogs?
Not at all. I’m a licensed veterinary technician so I’m around animals all the time. Pit bulls/bully breeds in my experience both professionally and personally are one of the best breeds out there; very gentle and kind.

Do you have any dogs, and if so, what kind?
Yes, 2. I have a female Boston Terrier who is 8. And a male Great Dane who is 4.

Where else can our readers find you? Which social media outlets do you use?
They can find me on Facebook: Ashley Petraglia or on Instagram @miss_asp5373

If you could pick the location, where would the next photo shoot be, and why?
I would choose to shoot at my husband’s tattoo shop. I think it would be cool to do a collaboration with the pitties while representing tattoos and the tattoo culture. I’m picturing some cute BGM boy shorts, heels and a cute bgm tank top incorporating the tattoo chairs and equipment with an awesome pitbull at my feet. Also because tattoos and dogs are my two favorite things!

What other hobbies do you have, besides modeling?
I love what I do, so helping save the lives of animals out there isn’t work for me, it’s definitely more of a passion/hobby. Aside from that, I love to travel and spend time with family.

Tell our fans something about yourself, that not too many people know about you.
Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know that I’m an LVT (licensed veterinary technician). I also have my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hofstra University.

What are your goals for the future?
My goal is to continue on this path of modeling. I hope to land more cover features, but we’ll see. I want to show the world out there that you can have tattoos, still be beautiful and be a great model.

What advice do you have for any up and coming models, or young business women out there?
If you see the opportunity standing right in front of you, grab it. Don’t let fear or anyone stand in your way. I was terrified to do the pinup contest, and at the end of the day I won and a lot of doors opened, and new opportunities presented themselves. Seize any opportunity that comes your way ladies!

What motto do you live by?
Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.

What do you think of Bully Girl Magazine?
I think it’s great. I think it’s very informative to those who own a bully breed or who are thinking about owning one. I also think more people should read it and educate themselves more about the breed, there is no reason to single out a specific breed and bully it. Not to mention, who doesn’t like looking at pictures of dogs and hot girls? Haha

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