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Bully Girl & Stunt Rider: Nikki Stuntz

Bully Girl Magazine had a chance to hang out with Nikki Stuntz, a female stunt rider from New Jersey. We had a great time and got some amazing footage, as well as a one on one interview. Check out her video, and don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

BGM: Where are you from, and what is your nationality?
Nikki Stuntz: I live in Bergen County, NJ and I’m Russian, Irish and German.

BGM: How long have you been a stunt rider, and what inspired you to start?
Nikki Stuntz: I started riding 5 years ago and I came across a group of stunt riders Ruthless Tactics from Newark, NJ. I started looking into stunt riding and found females like Dena Sodano already out there doing it. She is my inspiration and I knew it was possible for female to stunt so i got my first stunt bike 2 years ago and have been in love it ever since.

BGM: How was your photo shoot with Bully Girl Magazine?
Nikki Stuntz: I had a great time at the photo shoot. Being able to bring together many things I love; riding, my dog, and modeling. This has been a great experience.

BGM: What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?
Nikki Stuntz: My favorite part of the shoot was getting to ride!

BGM: What did you think of the BGM Apparel?
Nikki Stuntz: I love the Bully Girl clothing, it fits great and allows me to support my dogs breed.

BGM: Tell our readers a little bit about your dogs.
Nikki Stuntz: My dogs name is BHK Scrappy Doo. I got him from Bully House Kennels in Long Island, NY. He’s about a year and a half now and weighs 95 pounds. He’s a gentle giant but will protect anything he loves.

BGM: Where else can we see some of your recent work?
Nikki Stuntz: You can find me the upcoming issue of Sportbikes Inc Magazine and Rsociety Magazine. You can also find some of my work on www.istayfitgear.com and @istayfitgear.

BGM: If you could pick the location, where would the next photo shoot be, and why?
Nikki Stuntz: I would to do a shoot with a graffiti background. I always find it to look really cool since it is a form of art just how stunt riding can be called one.

BGM: What other hobbies do you have, besides stunt riding?
Nikki Stuntz: I’m really into fitness, spending time with my dog and I love going to the beach! I am also in school for my BSN.

BGM: Tell our fans something about yourself, that not too many people know about you.
Nikki Stuntz: Something not many people know about is I wear glasses to see far away.

BGM: What are your goals for the future?
Nikki Stuntz: I look forward to becoming a better rider and working with more companies in a professional manner.

BGM: What advice do you have for any up and coming female stunt riders, or young business women out there?
Nikki Stuntz: I would tell up and coming females to just keep practicing and don’t give up! Anything is possible so don’t let anyone tell you what you’re doing isn’t. Stay motivated and positive, watch great things happen.

BGM: What motto do you live by?
Nikki Stuntz: Don’t follow your dreams, chase them!

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