Cant Lose Kennels – Indiana

Cant Lose Kennels - IndianaState your name, and where your kennel is located.
Our names are Ray Lewis & Quantarius "Tee" Stingley, and we are Cant Lose Kennels. Our kennel is located in West Side Indianapolis, Indiana.

What type of dogs do you breed, and what inspired you to get involved with that particular breed?
We breed American bullies. We've always been interested in dogs all of our lives, and our parents also kept American Pit bulls and American Bullies in our households.

What type of diet do you keep your dogs on throughout the year?
We keep them on dry dog food with no corn, wheat, or soy. We also give them raw meat, with fruits and vegetables.

What is your favorite bloodline?
Ray Lewis: "I really like Louie V line Dax based off the structure and color."
Tee Stingley: "My favorite bloodline right now is Pretty Boy, just based off color and the look he throws on every offspring."

Do you currently show, any of your dogs?
No we don't show any of our dogs because we are a newer kennel. However, in 2018 we plan to make a big impact at most events, so keep an eye out for us.

What advice do you have for any upcoming breeders?
Lol... For any upcoming breeder be prepared to spend a lot of money, pick up a lot of dog poop, and watch who you work with.

What do you think, is the most difficult thing for people in the bully game to overcome?
The most difficult thing for breeders to overcome is breeding dogs with flaws, and health problems. It's not about chasing the money, it's about chasing the best dog.

How do you think they can overcome this thing?
They will never overcome this problem because they're making their money off the dogs with flaws.

Who do you look up to in the bully game, and why?
George Aguilar, mainly because he's always kept the same bloodline and kept the same look every generation. You can still see the American bully look that he focuses on.

Tell us about one of your most memorable moments, in 2017 so far.
Ray Lewis: "When I went out to Cali to pick up my pup from George Aguilar, and see all of his bullies. They were amazing!"

Describe how you would want things, in the bully Commuity, to be 10 years from now.
We expect things to flourish, and expect breeders to focus on less flaws.

Cant Lose Kennels - IndianaWhat separates your kennel from the competition?
We can't lose. Our dogs are gold to us, not just a product. We're aiming to produce high functional, beautiful, and healthy bullies.

What other hobbies or interests do you take part in?
Dog life is our only hobby and focus. We are putting our all into it.

What motto do you live by?
Can't Lose is the only motto!

What do you think of Bully Girl Magazine?
We've been following Bully Girl Magazine for a while now, and we think they are very big in the bully community, and make a big impact on the dog world in general. We also love the gear.

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