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Confidential Kennels | CaliforniaState your name, and where your kennel is located.

My name is Angela Clark and my kennel Confidential Kennels, is located on an acre in Southern California.

What type of dogs do you breed, and what inspired you to get involved with that particular breed?

I am devoted to the preservation of the original Cane Corso (pronounced KAH- NAY Korso) other wise known as an Italian Mastiff. The first time I saw one of these dogs I remember feeling as if I was looking back in time at a piece of history. This was long before they where recognized by the AKC in 2010. Shortly after I imported one from Italy and the rest is history.

What type of diet do you keep your dogs on throughout the year?

I am a big fan of holistic feeding. I know and believe that humans are at there best weight and health when they are eating natural unaltered food. For this reason I choose to feed my dogs what they would eat in the wild. Raw feed along with joint supplements. I choose joint supplements without calcium as calcium inspires growth at a rapid rate which can effect large breed dogs joints.

What is your favorite bloodline?

I like to stick to the bloodlines that respect the origins of the Cane Corso and who are responsible to creating some of the most profound Corsos in the world. With that being said there are very few here in the USA ,therefore I have searched around the world and imported some of the most correct , Imposing Corsos for my breeding program. Maxi Louzan(Del Corsoclub Kennel) from Argentina specializes and Judges the correct Cane Corso, Andrea Corbara and Morena Mazzotti(Dell'Impero Mya Kennel) from Cesena Italy professionally breeds and shows outstanding corsos, Juan Morato (De La Mirage De Torrellas) out of Barcelona Spain who owns the 2015 world Ch X Msn when he won the World Championship. pronounced KAH- NAY Korso) Italian Mastiff,Letecia Gonzales(Declino di Bayonne Kennel) out of Spain with a breeding program unparalleled to none. as well as Istvan Voros(Onix Icon kennels) who works for Purina out of Romania ... All are wise beyond there years and committed to bettering the breed.

Do you currently show, any of your dogs?

I have an amazing handler Mercedes Messer who shows my dogs . I will sometimes to small shows through out the year , but prefer the specialty shows for Corsos . Like the regional, nationals and my all time favorite the International Cane Corso Federation Extravaganza !! Where you are really able to gage where you stand as a Corso breeder. Over 150 Corsos from around the world compete. The wins are real.. All SERIOUS Corso breeders attend to know where they stand and to better themselves and there program.

What advice do you have for any upcoming breeders?
Knowledge is key.. Do as much research as possible . We all learn from experience so dont forget you are going to make mistakes. Put your dogs health and well being first. Be disciplined and selective. You want to pick the heads of the best breeders around the world and see what they are doing right. Implement what you think you can improve. Work hard and be honest. last but not least done take advise from anyone in the industry who is not where you want to be.

What do you think, is the most difficult thing for people in the bully game to overcome?
I think for any large breed is the stero type. the public will assume because you are a breeder you do not care about your dogs or that you are responsible for the millions of dogs in shelters. Responsible breeders screen future owners, contract there dogs and microchip them. We are prepared to fork out the money to rescue the dogs if necessary and peruse action against those who harm our pups.

How do you think they can overcome this thing?
We can overcome stereo types by our actions. People will judge you based off what you do. Be responsible and give back to the dogs we love that give so much to us by protecting them and preserving them.. After all they are mans best friend. In my case woman's.. lol

Who do you look up to in the bully game, and why?

In the Corso world I would have to say that I have a lot of respect for Maxi Louzan. He is a professional breeder and Judge . He has devoted his life and time to the cane Corso. He knows the standard and importance of a correct temperament, angulation and structure.

Tell us about one of your most memorable moments, in 2016 so far.
My Kennel did really well this year at the International Cane Corso Federation Extravaganza Show. Five out of six of my dogs placed first in there class and two different junior females getting Best of Show Junior on two different days and top overall opposite.

Describe how you would want things, in the bully Community, to be 10 years from now.

I think that there is always room for growth and bettering our programs. When you choose a breed you are specializing.. You should know the maximum about it so that you can educate the public and new breeders. Instead of outcasting them teach them how important it is to be responsible and what is correct for your standard. This will help to preserve everything you work for so we are not counter productive. If they choose to breed being mean to them will not stop them . It just makes them do it blindfolded. I personally am not afraid of competition and understand the need for growth and knowledge. The new-bee may become a competitor in the ring one day and may drive me to work harder and push myself.

Confidential Kennels | CaliforniaWhat separates your kennel from the competition?

Dedication separates me from most. I do this full time all day every day. I live and breath Corsos . I am an expert in the breed. When people around the world think or Corso breeders they relate my name to them because I know them and I know the breed as I solely devote myself to them. I hear a lot of breeders say they, " Do not due this full time ',or its ,"Not there only job". I never think this is a good thing. It shows lack of commitment and confidence. I am 100 percent devoted to Corsos and choose to focus my energy solely on what I love. Most investors will not invest in entrepreneur if they have other jobs or projects because it shows they are not fully committed and they done believe in there inventions, products or what there producing. Now my dogs are far from products, but I am a true third generation professional breeder who is fully committed to my program and my dogs, My commitment shows in what i produce and how my dogs are treated. My dogs reflect my hard work and responsibility. This is my passion and I know it better than anyone.

What other hobbies or interests do you take part in?

I love to hike with my dogs, swim and go shooting. I am actually a sharp shooter.

What motto do you live by?

I am a huge Les Brown fan... ," Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss , but because they aim too low and hit" We should all stretch ourselves because during this times of trial we find out what we are really capable of.

What do you think of Bully Girl Magazine?

I think its amazing of Bully Girl Magazine to accredit women in the way that they deserve. Its hard to be a woman in this industry. Bully Girl Magazine recognizes the strength, skill and endurance it takes to earn the respect of not just our peers but the world in the male dominated program . I think Bully Girl Magazine is a huge advocate for all woman who are successful or up in coming in the bully world and/or dog world!!! I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with the public and hope to inspire other women as well.

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