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High Protein Dog Food Diet | Good or Bad?

high protein dog food diet

A lot of people always wonder if their bully breed dog would benefit from a high protein dog food diet. Well wonder no more. We are going to go over some of the most important nutritional facts and break this down for you.

Puppies, performance dogs, senior dogs, and overweight dogs can all benefit from switching to a high protein dog food diet. Puppies are the most beneficial to a high protein diet. Protein is essential to the development of muscle, hair, skin, and the brain. A puppy should be taking in 25 to 30% protein in their diet to ensure proper development.

Performance dogs, that participate in weight pulling, or agility competitions will also benefit from a high protein diet. The added protein will help them develop more muscular strength, while helping them to burn calories more slowly.

Studies also show that protein can help overweight dogs lose fat while building lean muscle mass. High protein dog foods also help your canine burn more calories throughout the day. As for senior dogs, the extra protein will help them maintain a lean muscular body.

As with anything regarding your dog, you should always consult a vet before making any final decisions. After all, there are some circumstances where a high protein diet could be harmful to your bully breed dog. Any dogs with health conditions should not be fed a high protein diet. If your dog has kidney issues, the protein will be to much for his/her system to digest. If you dog has diabetes, they should be on a low protein diet. A very elderly dog should also avoid high protein diets, again due to the fact that it will be harder for their body to digest such a high dosage.

Keep your bully breed dog's age, weight, health, and performance level in mind before making the decision to switch to a high protein dog food diet. They will thank you for it in the long run.

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