Kelly Ripa Misrepresents Pitbulls

October 10, 2012: Live with Kelly and Michael, Kelly Ripa was interviewing Christopher Walken about his new movie, "Seven Psychopaths". During the interview Ripa made a comment that has made many animal advocates and breed advocates upset enough to call for a boycott on the show as well as its sponsors. Here is Ripa’s comment: "But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, pitbull kind of dog, right?"

The movie starring Walken is based on a gangsters dog being stolen however the dog is a Shih Tzu. Many celebrities have stepped up in defense of the breed including The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco who read about the statement on twitter then tweeted "Heartbroken and dissapointed".

This just goes to show we have a lot more educating to do. I myself am also very dissapointed in the fact that main stream figures continue to speak on issues they themselves know nothing about. I think Kelly Ripa owes Pit Bull lovers a public apology.

There is an event page on facebook asking Kelly Ripa to have Libby Sherrill of Beyond the Myth on LIVE!

(Courtesy of AmericanBully News)

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