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Puppy “Butchered” in DIY Ear Cropping

Puppy with bad ear crop

October 22, 2012, Sacramento, CA: Coco, a three-month-old Pit Bull, ended up traumatized after his owner decided to try a "DIY EAR CROPPING" at home!!

“Imagine me taking a pair of gardening sheers to your ears and lopping them right off without anesthesia, proper follow up, suturing, pain medication, antibiotics,” said City of Sacramento Animal Services’ Gina Knepp in an interview with local Fox News.

Only a licensed vet is permitted to crop a dog’s ears. The cost runs between $200 and $400. However, finding a vet that performs ear croppings is becoming increasingly more difficult.

"Other than the aesthetic, a reason one may chop a dog’s ears off would be for dog fighting. If they don’t have ears, like Coco now, (who is) pretty earless, they don’t bleed as much during the fights,” said Knepp.

However, we who know better, realize that ear cropping is PURELY AESTHETIC and not at all for fighting purposes these days! It is upsetting that Animal Services representatives continue to kick the breed while their down!

Coco, the Pit Bull, still traumatized by what happened to him, is now at a foster home and is getting ready for adoption.

The DA’s office is now prosecuting Coco’s owner. If found guilty, the owner could face a maximum of one (1) year behind bars.

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