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The Tri State Bully Hall of Fame – Takeover 3

The Tri State Bully Hall of Fame Takeover 3 was an event to remember. Located in Canton, Ohio this event had a great turnout.  Bully Girl Magazine was in the house, and we had a great time hanging out, and meeting new faces. This was also the first ABKC sanctioned show to feature the Cane Corso class, which is a big step for the registry.

Bully Girl Mag, and F.W. Speilberg took a few laps around the event, capturing footage and speaking with some of the guests about their dogs. There were many different breeds at the event. We saw everything from american bully's and pit bulls, to bulldogs and cane torso's. We hope you enjoy the video that we put together showcasing the Tri State Bully Hall of Fame Takeover 3. Make sure to watch the video all the way through to the end. The end of the video features photos from the event. Also, feel free to leave us a comment below, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next big bully show.

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