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Bully Girl: Donshea Hopkins

Bully Girl: Donshea Hopkins

Donshea Hopkins

When was your first role as an actress?
My first role was a principal role playing myself on Sesame Street, in a scene with the amazing Abby Caddy, saying the Alphabet and improving with the character at age 4. By the way, we had the same hair back then , how cool! I had so much fun because I wanted to be on that show each time I watched, and I was fortunate enough to do so. Still grateful!

What was the biggest role as a young actress?
My biggest role as a young actress at this time... I would have to say each and every role I was ever cast for, because each character had a special place in my life. At that moment for me nothing else mattered, but what I was doing! I am having a blast playing this role. It’s my role. I focus on the now. I love bringing actual life to words from a piece of paper! Each role creates and continues to mold the actress that I am today. Every role teachs me something new. It’s like a Rubix cube. Solve it, and it’s a great feeling!

What inspired you to begin your career as an actress?
For as long as I can remember, I asked my mom about being on TV. Lol, it might have been my first words, but according to my mom, I first asked at 1 years old and stayed on that path until age 3. One New Year’s Eve, I asked my mom “How come you don’t want me to be on TV? “ You said I could be and do anything.” My mom started to cry, and said you know what Donshea, it’s not that I don’t want you to be on TV. I don’t know what to do, but you know what I will down size my business, and this year is yours! I will find out what to do, and let’s do it! I had to wait until I turned 4 years old. My birthday is in March. I did it in less than a year, and here we are!

What kind of roles do you prefer?
I prefer roles that have dialogue, emotion combined with improv, because now thats a challenge to balance all things. You have to think on your feet. Now that’s fun! I actually get to act and use my brain, but the most interesting role for me is to act and sing on television! What a dream to do two of the things I really love doing more then anything in the world, and on camera! I’m passionate about my job. I’m blessed to be able share my love for the arts with the world. Any role that I’m allowed to have multiple levels of acting and combinations, meaning singing, rapping, playing instruments, or even playing sports, i’m interested! I am so passionate about life. My mom constantly tells me to embrace and enjoy life because it’s your life, and you only get one. I have no regrets, just lessons learned.

What was your toughest role as a young actress?
To be honest, I haven’t had one yet. They’re all a challenge, but not tough.

Who are some of your favorite actors or actresses?
I admire and respect so many it’s really not fair to choose. The greats before me, and the greats now. I have worked in the past with, and am currently working with some outstanding actresses and actors, who I truly adore for real! Outside of that Zendaya is killing the acting scene on multiple levels, She acts, sings, and dances. Shailene Woodly is on fire right now. She is doing what all young actresses want to do, having multiple faucets of things moving, or in circulation at the same time. Work!

What have you learned from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?
I learned to just be myself, be spontaneous, listen and have respect. At the end of the day, they call the shots, no matter how big you are.

Do you have any upcoming acting projects that our readers should look out for?
Yes. I’m doing a play to raise awareness on FGM/C and Child Marriage in developing countries. It’s still confidential and in the beginning stages, but as soon as I get clearance, I’ll tell you guys all about it! Of course you guys know, I’m still playing Raina St. Patrick on POWER, (which I absolutely love doing) and working on my album.

Donshea Hopkins
The word on the street is that you also do music. Tell our readers about your music venture and how that is working out for you.

I’m working on my album 3Point2, and it’s mostly a pop album, but I have music of almost every genre on there. I have pop, indie, R&B, and I even have some rap songs. So I think that my album would be really interesting and inspiring, especially to young girls. Heres a fun fact! I wrote and co-wrote everything on my album!

Have you always been into music, or is this something new for you?
I’ve always had a love for music since I was young. Maybe 3 or 4 years old. Whenever I was playing with my toys, reading, or watching tv, I would always sing! Anything from nursery rhymes, to songs on the radio. But I didn’t really get into music until I was six, when I got my first real guitar! Then I started taking voice, guitar, and piano lessons. Even in my free time I would sit down with my guitar and start writing songs. Yes at six years old, I was writing songs! That’s basically how my music career started.

Who are some of your favorite artists in the music industry?
I love and respect all musicians, because I know how tough it is being one. But my all time favs would have to be, Beyoncé, Adele, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, 1D, Chris Brown, and the list goes on! But they all have amazing vocal ranges, and they’re not afraid to take risk.

If you could work with anyone on your next song, who would it be?
It would definitely be Ariana Grande! She’s so inspiring, and just an all around wonderful person with a great spirit! Her voice is amazing. It would just be an honor to even stand next to her! But I’d love to do a collaboration with any artist!

How hard is it to balance schoolwork, with your busy career as an actress and songwriter?
It isn’t that hard for me since I’m homeschooled. My mom’s my teacher so she keeps me in check, and makes sure I don’t get too stressed out or slack off. I just try to separate work from school. When I need to focus on my career for a big role, or I’m working on a song, my mom lets me focus on that by incorporating it into my schoolwork. At the end of the day, she makes it easy to relax and be a kid.

What motto do you live by?
I live by a lot of mottos, but the one that I love the most is “The only person that can beat you is you”.
Most of all, “always remain humble”.

Any last shoutouts?
I had so much fun answering these questions and talking with you guys! But I’d just like to give at huge shoutout to all of my Team Donshea members, and to everyone who’s helped me in my career! Most of all I’d like to thank Real Estate Smoke Mel Muzik, and my mom of course! They’ve been helping from the start of my music career, and deserve a lot of credit! Of course I’d like to thank my agents and managers who’ve always believed in me, and continue to help me throughout my amazing career! I love you all.

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