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Back to Basics: Caring for your Dog

Caring for Your Dog

Dogs are definitely great companions, and make wonderful additions to any loving home. However, it’s imperative that you understand that their health and happiness is as much a priority as your own.


A balanced diet is very important, whether it be a puppy or a full grown dog. A lot of health issues can be prevented, simply by making sure that your canine is eating healthy, nutritous food and getting all of the necessary vitamins. You should consult your vet to find out which dog foods have the right nutritional balance for your dog.

Water is just as important as food. Clean, fresh water should be available to your dog throughout the day. All food and water bowls, should be cleaned as often as possible to prevent any bacteria from growing inside them.


Every dog, of every breed needs exercise. Exercise will not only help them to burn calories and stay healthy, but it will stimulate your dog’s mind. The amount and type of exercise will vary depending on the breed of the dog. Keeping your dog active with exercise will keep them from getting bored and pickup up bad habits such as: chewing on furninture, or running throughout the house.


The type of breed that you have will determine the amount of bathing and grooming that you will need to keep up with. For example, long haired dogs will need more frequent brushing to reduce shedding, whereas a short haired dog will just need a maintenance brushing here and there to maintain a healthy and shiny coat. Again, check with your vet to see what the best practices are for the type of dog that you have, or will be getting.

Also, make sure to check your dogs coat daily for fleas and ticks. Especially during the warm seasons. Your vet should also be able to give you options for flea and tick prevention. Avoid giving your dog  any type of medicine or product that has not been prescribed by a veterinarian. There are many poisonous medicines and products out there that could harm your pet.


Always keep your dog, no matter what size, on a leash when you are outside of your yard. If your yard is not fenced in, then keep your dog on a leash when outside, period. Puppies, as well as large dogs, could take off in any direction and be harmed or worse by oncomnig traffic. Dogs get excited very easily. Keep them on a short leash if you see anything that may cause them to get excited. This will enable you to control them better, should this occur.

Eventually your companion will need to relieve themself. When walking your dog, alway keep a pooper scooper, or bag with you at all times, to clean up any mess that they make.

Following these guidelines will help you and your dog live a healthy and stress free life. For more great article of taking care of your dog, visit www.bullygirlmagazine.com.

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