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Heroic Pitbull Takes a Bullet Stopping a Home Invasion!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A pit bull is credited with saving his owner's life. The dog took a bullet during a recent home-invasion robbery in Mayport. The 10-month-old dog named Man protected his master, Mike Thomas, when he needed him most. "My dog protected all of us. He took the bullet for all of us," Thomas said. He said he was at home with his brother and some friends. That's when, police said, three men stormed through the front door of the home with a shotgun. Thomas said the men were wearing masks and trying to rob him. "I seen like three dudes run up on the porch, and I kind of jumped up. As soon as I jumped up, they ripped the door open and my dog jumped from sitting beside me all the way to the door and jumped on one of them. The dude got scared and shot him," Thomas said. The pit bull scared the intruders before anyone else was hurt. However, the dog's act of courage came at a large price. The shotgun pellet entered Man's left shoulder, and doctors had to amputate his entire front leg. Thomas said the Clay County Humane Society preformed the $5,000 procedure for free. "At first, it just wasn't him because I pictured him with four legs. Now, he's used to it. He still sleeps with me on my bed. It's all good. I don’t love him any less," Thomas said. With the help of his owner, Man has adjusted to life with three legs.

(Courtesy of MSNBC)

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