Bully Girls

Jacalyn Gonzalez


How long have you been modeling, and what inspired you to start?

I started modeling heavily within the last 6 months. I modeled as a little girl, and was published. When my family picked up and left the New York City area, it became more hectic for my mother to commute to the city and get me to jobs, especially since most of them were on a last minute notice. Eventually, I stopped and as I got older, modeling was something I always wanted to do but never pursued. When a close childhood friend told me he started a photography business, I booked a shoot. As nervous and skeptical as I was, once I got out there, I knew I fell in love with modeling. From there i’ve just been going hard doing more shoots, while trying to stay focused and determined to do bigger and better things.

Where are you from, and what is your nationality?

I was born in New York City, and raised in Central Islip, a small town on Long Island. I come from a very diverse family. My Dad is Dominican and Nicaraguan and my Mom is of European and Philippine descent. It was interesting growing up in such a multi-cultural family and love every minute of it.

What body part of yours, would you say gets the most attention?

I would say my face gets the most attention. I am constantly asked where I am from, and what’s my nationality. People seem to be intrigued by my mix and say my look is definitely not common.

Where else can we see some of your recent work?

I am excited to say Bully Girl Magazine is my first time being published. Up till now I have been working hard to build an impressive portfolio, and show that my look is versatile, so I can then better present myself to modeling agencies. I would love do a wide variety of print work. All my work thus far can be seen on my newly made Facebook page. Search for Jacalyn TheModel Gonzalez. Follow me on Instagram to get a feel for me just living and enjoying life @intuitivechic.

After shooting with these dogs, what do you think of the bully breed?

They are absolutely remarkable and intriguing and I fell in love with the breed even more. I was able to come in and handle these dogs that i never met, without a problem. Each one had such an excellent demeanor. It goes to show that despite their reputation, like any breed, its all about how they are raised.

Do you have dogs, or own pets of any kind?

I do have a APBT (American PitBull Terrier) of my own and a cat. Surprisingly enough, they really are the best of friends.

What other hobbies do you have, besides modeling?

I grew up going fishing and love anything to do with the beach. Going to the gun range is also a favorite of mine. My work schedule is crazy, so I don’t have time for much. But as of recent, after owning my dog and really getting to know the breed. I became more enthused to help reduce the alarming rate of these of these dogs that end up in shelters. I even started collection drives to help.

What are your goals for the future?

School is an important priority, furthering my education in the medical field. Of course, continuing to pursue a career in modeling, using each shoot to further learn and grow as a model, while learning the industry.

What motto do you live by?
I would rather try and fail, than not doing and never knowing. I live my life with no regrets.

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