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Protect your dogs from Winter Storm Jonas


Are your dogs prepared for the harsh cold this winter? Winter storm Jonas is heading our way, and could drop as much as 2 feet of snow, making your dogs life a lot more difficult. However, if you are familiar with cold weather health hazards, you will be able to keep your bully breed dogs safe from the elements and you will both be able to enjoy the outdoors.

Is it too cold outside for my dog?

All young puppies, older dogs, or dogs with special conditions should not be exposed to extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time. If for some reason your dog has been exposed to freezing temperatures for too long, immediately bring them to a warm and dry environment seek medical attention from your vet. Dogs may have a fur coat on 24/7, but they are definitely still susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite. Winter storm Jonas has many states declaring a winter weather emergency. Keep a close eye on your 4 legged friend and watch for any signs of temperature related illness.

Watch for the following signs:

  • shivering
  • shallow breathing
  • weak pulse
  • lethargy
  • discolored skin
  • swelling
  • blisters

How should I groom my dog during the winter? 

Winter grooming will be a bit different than what you are used to in the warmer months. If you normally trim or shave your dogs coat, avoid doing so in the colder months. A longer coat will allow your dog to stay warmer in cold temperatures. Due to the fact that your dog will be indoors more often, you may notice that you will need to trim their nails more often that usual. Lastly, if you must bathe your dog, make sure that they are absolutely dry before they go out to relieve themselves. The cold temperatures will feel 10 times colder if they are going outside with a wet or moist coat.

Stay Safe !!!

Even with Winter Storm Jonas, you can still enjoy the snow safely with your bully breed dogs. Just remember to keep them on a leash, as many dogs are lost every winter due to their playfulness. They love to run away from us. However, with the icy roads, and frozen lakes, it is just to risky to have them running around unsupervised.

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