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  • Congratulations to our Bully Breed Photo Contest Winners!

    Bully Girl Magazine would like to say Congratulations to our Bully Breed Photo Contest Winners! These dogs were in the Top 20 out of 65 dogs in this month’s bully breed photo contest, and will be featured in Issue 45 of Bully Girl Magazine. Issue 45 will be dropping on May 1st, 2014, and can […]

  • Why Bully Breed Dogs Lick their Paws?

    Have you ever wondered why bully breed dogs lick their paws? Paw licking, sucking, and biting can be the result of many different things. Let’s explore each potential cause of your paw epidemic and the possible treatments to end it.  American bullys, French bulldogs, American bulldogs, English bulldogs and Pit...

  • Dog Cloning: How do you feel about it?

    There has been a lot of talk lately about dog cloning. If you had 50,000 dollars, would you clone your favorite dog? It isn’t just a hypothetical questions anymore. As of today, it is estimated there are over 200 genetically engineered pets throughout the world.  Animal cloning has been going on for over 2...

  • Pyometra in Dogs is Terrifying

    Anyone who is a breeder and has experienced this knows Pyometra in Dogs is Terrifying.  New breeders read this article! It is so important you know the risks of breeding and the warning signs that something is very wrong with your female. American Bully breeding has become very popular in the past few years. It...

  • FREE BGM Bully Snapback Cap with 1-Year Print Subscription

    Our BGM Bully Snapback Cap has been a popular item in 2014. We love our customers so much we are always trying to find ways to give back to our community! So we have decided to giveaway FREE BGM Bully Snapback Caps with 1-Year Print Subscriptions, to every customer from now until 4/30/2014. The BGM Bully Snapback...

  • The Original Bully Bash 6

    Coming up this Saturday April 12, at Salem County Fairgrounds is the Original Bully Bash 6. This is an outdoor event.  This Double RKC Sanctioned show will also include a fun show. RKC classes are 20.00 to enter and Fun show classes are 10.00 to enter.  Gates open at 7am and show starts at 11am. Of […]

  • Dog Show Etiquette

    We all go out to the Bully Breed Dog shows to have a good time. However, for those who are going to a show for the first time, I would like to point out some well appreciated dog show etiquette. Always ask to pet a dog before reaching in. This is something very important to […]

  • BGM Bully Snapback Caps Available in 7 Hot Colors

    Get ready for the Spring and Summer of 2014 with our newest BGM Apparel item, the “BGM Bully Snapback Caps“. If you are a bully breed enthusiast, then these are the perfect hats for you. They are currently available in up to 7 Hot Colors. Bully Girl Magazine will be traveling around to a lot […]

  • Bulk Up Your Pit Bull with Bully Max

    Bully Max Canine Supplement is sweeping across the nation, as one of most popular dog supplement products amongst a lot of breeds. Bully Max is becoming increasing popular among American Bully breeders, to help their dogs build muscle, add size, and reach their fullest potential. Bully Max guarantees that their dog...

  • The Missing Piece Bullies for Autism RKC Show

    Make sure to come out and support: “The Missing Piece Bullies for Autism RKC Show”. Bully Girl Magazine will definitely be in the building. There will be nice trophies, and awards given out for show participants, and there will be plenty of entertainment for the kids. This will be a show to remember, and...

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